Exporting Data from Toy Collector 2 to Toy Collector 3

Step 1from the Toy Collector 2 app, click the Settings tab at the bottom.
Step 2: click “Generate and Email TC3 Export” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Email file to yourself.

Step 4: check your email. 
Once you have emailed the ExportForTC3.tc2 file to yourself, if you click and hold the attachment on your iPhone you will get a popup for what app to open it in:
Step 5: Select “Copy to Toy Collector 3” from the choices.

Copy to Toy Collector 3
Copy to Toy Collector 3










Step 6: Toy Collector 3 should open automatically and the import process will begin.
Step 7: Select the Favorite toy lines you collect.
Step 8: Your owned and wanted data should now be live in Toy Collector 3 and it will begin iCloud synching to other devices.
Step 9: That’s it! Your data should be there now! If it isn’t please contact me and I can assist with the process. Sometimes very large collections don’t work and the file needs to be broken into multiple parts. I can do this for you.